Acorn Lawn Tennis Club
Acorn Lawn Tennis Club

Matches - 2024

Middlesex Tennis Summer League - 2024

Men's I Men's II Men's III Men's IV Ladies

Acorn LTC Roll of Honour - 2023

Tournament Winner Runner Up
Ladies' singles Sarah Cr Pam W
Ladies' doubles To be played To be played
Men’s singles George C Aziz A
Men’s doubles Daniel M George C Aziz A Razvan D
David Pacifico Cup - Mixed doubles Lynn H Daniel M Anne P Liviu M
Over 55 Mixed doubles Bev P George A Pam Richard F
Over 55 Men’s singles George A Charles D
Over 55 Ladies' doubles Colleen G Pam W Bev P Lynn H
Rubinstein Cup - Over 55 Men's doubles Cris L George A Charles D Haim B
Over 55 Men's balanced doubles Haim Mike V Eduardo S Roger W
Over 55 balanced mixed doubles Barbara C Murray S Bev P John M
David Grahame Cup - Over 70s Men's doubles Eduardo S Pradeep S Jeff R Richard F
Sidney Budd Cup - Over 70s balanced doubles Charles D Murray S Bev Eduardo
Giancarlo Campioni Charity Cup - Handicap doubles Daniel M Ray B Neil P Sami P
Valentin S Cup - Handicap singles Razvan D Mike G

Acorn Awards - 2023

Category Winner
Club persons of the year Bev P John Manos
Most improved players of the year Barbara Chapler
Lady player of the year Pam Watson