Middlesex Tennis Summer League - 2020

Men's First Team — Division 3
Day Date Opponent Location Result Score
Wednesday 13 May Harrow 2 Away
Thursday 21 May Harrow Weald 2 Home
Thursday 4th June Paddington 3 Away
Monday 22 June Headstone 2 Away
Thursday 2 July Hatch End 2 Home
Thursday 23 July W E Pinner Away
Thursday 30 July Uxbridge 2 Home
Men's Second Team — Division 5
Day Date Opponent Location Result Score
Tuesday 12 May Hillingdon Community 13 Away
Tuesday 26 May Wayfarers 3 Home
Thursday 11 June Greenford Home
Wednesday 17 June Lowlands 4 Home
Wednesday 8 July Harrow 4 Away
Wednesday 22 July Harrow Weald 3 Home
Tuesday 28 July Uxbridge 3 Away
Men's Third Team — Division 7
Day Date Opponent Location Result Score
Thursday 14 May Eastcote 5 Home
Tuesday 19 May Lowlands 5 Home
Monday 8 June W E Pinner Away
Monday 15 June Hatch End 4 Home
Wednesday 8 July Hatch End 5 Away
Tuesday 14 July Carlton Century Home
Tuesday 28 July Harrow Weald 4 Away
Ladies' Team — Division 3
Day Date Opponent Location Result Score
Monday 11 May W E Pinner 2 Home
Thursday 28 May Harrow Leisure Away
Monday 8 June Eastcote 4 Home
Thursday 25 June Pinner 3 Away
Monday 29 June Harrow Weald Home
Monday 13 July Hatch End 2 Away
Monday 27 July Lowlands 4 Home

Acorn LTC Club Championship Results - 2019

Tournament Winner Runner Up
Ladies' singles Sarah Leta
Ladies' doubles Sarah and Lynn Anne and Leta
Men’s singles George C Daniel
Men’s doubles Daniel and George C Aziz and Neil
Mixed doubles Hussein and Pam George C and Leta
Over 55 Mixed doubles Beverley and George A Colleen and Valentin
Over 55 Ladies' singles Pam Colleen
Over 55 Men’s singles Steve B Jeff
Over 55 Ladies' doubles Pam and Linda Jill and Colleen
Over 55 Men’s doubles Hussein and Steve P Dennis and Valentin
Over 70s (Not Completed) -
Men’s Plate singles Liviu Anurag
Giancarlo Campioni Charity Cup Connor and Jeff Daniel and Linda

Acorn Awards - 2019

Category Winner
Club persons of the year Beverley, Lynn and Paula
Most improved players of the year Cris and Keith